No Guy Fawkes calls for

Plimmerton brigade

 For the third year running there were no emergency calls tonight for the Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade, and for the first time in many years most firefighters spent the evening with their families.

With the experience of two successive fire-free Guy Fawkes, the brigade this year decided to end their long-time practice of calling all available members to the station for the evening. Senior Firefighter Kirk Solomon says that it just didn’t seem necessary this time around. "Guy Fawkes used to be a madhouse. We used to be flat out all evening, and by the end of the night everyone was stuffed. Fire fighting resources were often stretched to breaking point all around Wellington. With the banning of skyrockets that’s just stopped dead" he says.

"It looks like Guy Fawkes can pretty much be crossed off the Fire Service calendar. That’s a good thing for the community" he says.