Community Cadet Scheme
Course Plan

1998 Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade
Written and designed by Tony Sutorius, Phil Holmes and John Johnston

Week 1: Introduction, Kit-out, Philosophy of Cadet Scheme and Fire Service generally
Begin Monday 7:30pm. Introductory lectures from Mike Smith, Phil Holmes. Issue with protective uniform, name badges, training programme, cadet drill book. Observe brigade training. Meet brigade after training.

Week 2: Basic Firefighting Skills and Home Safety
Begin Monday 7:30pm. Lesson by Phil Holmes, emphasising home fire safety, using smoke detector model house, video etc. Observe brigade training, emphasis on fireground safety.

Week 3: Drill with Brigade # 1
Begin Monday 7:00. Led by Phil Holmes, brigade members will work with cadets on some very basic hose drills and other small exercises (possibly cadets could act as victims in a multiple-casualty evacuation exercise).

Week 4: Live Fire Exercises, Fire Extinguisher Use
Begin Monday 7:30. Phil Holmes to lead lesson, using flame troughs and old stove. Brigade members will be involved, especially for safety supervision.

Week 5: Basic First Aid (Mike Smith)
Begin Monday 7:30. Mike Smith leads a very basic introductory First Aid course, based on very simple techniques like applying wound pressure - trying to give them real, useful skills if possible. An overview, possibly leading cadets on to proper St John training later.

Week 6: Hose Drills Training # 1
Begin Monday 7:30. Phil Holmes takes cadets out with second pump and teaches them a basic hose drill evolution by repetition….

Week 7: Hose Drills Training # 2
…and more repetition… (same as Week 6)

Week 8: Exercise with Brigade # 2
Begin Monday 7:00. Cadets put their new skills to work alongside other brigade members, integrating into a larger exercise.

Week 9: Cliff Rescue / Teamwork Training and Exercise
Begin Monday 7:30pm. Johnny and Phil to lead training in the principles of rescue by line, with a practice session using ladders.

Week 10: BA search procedure
Begin 7:30 Monday. Lecture on search procedure, search and casualty recovery exercise using a smoke machine, noise, confusion - a close simulation of a real fire, the dramatic climax of the training.

Week 11: Summary and Review
Begin 7:30 Monday. Review of entire course, question and answer session, coverage of anything that has been left out, confused or neglected.

Week 12: Assessment and Conclusion
Begin 7:00 Monday. Assessment covering any and all of the course content, including theory and practical testing. Assessment of course by the cadets. Collect gear. Discuss their future involvement in the brigade. Light supper.


Additional Course Notes

This is a course designed to teach a small group of local teenagers a range of important fire and safety-related subjects, and introduce trainees to the life and disciplines of the Fire Service. The course does not lead to brigade membership, but we expect that sucessful trainees may wish to apply at a later stage.