What the critics say
(well, the site editor is a prima donna video director, remember...)


"Best Website of the Week"
from IDG/Computerworld
on the 9th November 1998
Click to read the citation.

"Angel Award for Community Service on the Internet"
Webmaster Open Door
on the 26th of January 1999

"You have a outstanding site. I enjoyed it very much. Keep up the good work"

"congrats..a brilliant site.. well thought out and planned"

"You are now bookmarked at our school for the students. Kids amazed to see a local site."

"great site with excellent links"

"Great stuff. Being  locals of many years your site makes us feel good."

"Really enjoyed looking at the site!"

"nice site!!!"

"I am very impressed with the Internet site that has been put together. It is well laid out and easy to follow."

"Great site.  Keep up the good work"

"Firstly, I must compliment you on a professional, informative and well designed site. It certainly has a real feel of expertise about it and the pages are quick to download, relevant and well presented..."

"Congrats on a great web site. Keep up the good work."

"Great initiative...keep it up"

"Where's a picture of a big, red firetruck, then ?"

"Your site certainly downloads fast"

"Great page, good to see more Volunteer brigade getting on line"

"Excellent site- 11/10 !!"


We've also received several suggestions for improvements, which will be implimented ASAP.

Your feedback is appreciated!
If you have any comments or suggestions about the site please
email me.

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