Plimmerton fire station during spring tide
(wave breaking over roof aerial array)

Yes folks... in case extinguishing your home and contents isn't enough, we at the Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade would like to make a FREE GIVEAWAY OFFER to all local residents (or anyone at all within driving or flying distance)...

Plimmerton station literally backs onto the beach, and at this time every year the aforementioned sand dune makes a serious takeover bid for the station and chattels.

If you're anywhere near Plimmeton and you need some high quality, pre-washed, flame retardant, ready salted, pre-stacked SAND (as used in the latest microchips) PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come and take some of ours... you'll find it in large piles around the building, and about a metre deep on the footpath just north of the station. And if that runs out, we keep a handy backup supply in every conceivable nook and cranny inside the building.

And damned useful stuff it is, too.... you could build a concrete path, a sandpit for the kids, bedding mixture for the garden, a collection of sandbags for the rellies in Kapiti - literally a half-dozen uses could be imagined for this miracle product of nature, coming to you now DIRECT from the manufacturer at never-to-be-bettered prices.

So don't just visit the golden beaches of Plimmerton... take some home with you!

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