THE most complete guide anywhere
to New Zealand fire resources on the internet

New Zealand volunteer fire brigades

Plimmerton Volunteer Fire Brigade
...but you already knew that, right?

Titahi Bay Volunteer Fire Brigade
Just a short swim from the Plimmerton VFB...

Porirua Fire Station
New & improved from our mates down the road (a composite brigade).
Inventors of the Mana Cup practical firefighting competition, which we won (!).

Kaitaia Volunteer Fire Brigade
These guys beat us to it (and did a good job, too)

Woodend Volunteer Fire Brigade
A great big page o' facts about this North Canturbury brigade

Waitemata Fire Station
A promisingly groovy little site from this Auckland
station staffed by volunteers with career firefighters on the dayshift

Upper Hutt Volunteer Fire Brigade
A new site, and an excellent start from this Wellington composite brigade.
Includes detailed recruitment information, which seems like an excellent idea.

Wellington City Rural Fire Force
Another brand new site, and the first rural fire force on the net.


Other New Zealand fire brigades & stations

Thorndon Fire Station
A 'permanent' (paid firefighters) multi-pump station in Wellington
with a well established, well designed website

New Plymouth Fire Brigade
A basic site, though includes some interesting statistics
(hosted on The Fire & EMS Network - see below for details)

Wellington Airport Fire Service
A basic one-page introduction with a nice (though huge) photo of their vehicles


General New Zealand fire resources

Firenet NZ
A local assortment of all sorts of things firesque, including several mailing lists

BRANZ Fire Science and Engineering Research
An obscure but cool little site with fire simulation software for download
and descriptions of BRANZ's fire research projects. Check it out!

"Rescue 111" magazine
Site for this Australasian emergency service magazine, complete with some content.
The editorial line sometimes seems a little unedifying, but the mag is always interesting

Silverstream Software
Brigade administration software written by a member of Silverstream VFB
(a demo of the software is available for free download)


New Zealand fire organisations

New Zealand Fire Service
THE official site, presently containing little except the official line on the political dispute
Judge Goddard's ruling, which is an interesting read)

New Zealand Professional Firefighters Union
In the interests of balance, here's the other official line...

Auckland Fire Region
Extensive official site which includes "Star", the NZFS inhouse magazine,
and the Institute of Fire Engineers (NZ)

Wellington Communications Centre
An interesting look behind the scenes at "FireCom"

NZFS & Police Communications Centres
A more official national version of the above with more content and a residual Police leaning
(lets hope their web hosting computer doesn't crash too often...)

United Fire Brigades Association
Partially completed site from the medal guys
(includes "Fireshop" for the quenching of all your burning consumer urges...)

NZ Fire Services Historical Society
The "House of Flame" includes descriptions of all their old pumps on this simple site
(hosted on The Fire & EMS Network - see below for details)

NZ Firefighters Welfare Society
All New Zealand firefighters should be aware of this organisation
(available to both volunteer and career staff)

National Rural Fire Authority
News and information from the people with the lime-green fire engines
(It's even got a jokes page!)


International emergency sites of interest

The Fire & EMS Information Network
Huge and useful US-based international guide to fire & EMS resources on the net
(and they'll give you a free website!)

The Emergency Resource Directory
Very extensive US links page to international emergency services and resources
(site was down at time of posting, but hopefully will be working again RSN)

The International Fire Information Network
An Australian site "...dedicated to all aspects of fire science and management"

World Book Encyclodedia: Preventing & Fighting Fires
An excellent and extensive educational resource
(probably ideal for roughly 12 - 16 year old kids)

If you're such a pointy-headed firefighter that you can't get your helmet on straight
you'll just LOVE this searchable database of fire abstracts (& some full-text articles)

Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Brigade, USA
Check THESE guys out (if you don't mind feeling totally chickenshit!)


Other sites on the domain

The Unreal Film Company
My company, and host of this site.
We make documentary television for companies and broadcast.

"Pooka" - Wanganui's Finest Irish Band
My mate Narissa's band from Wanganui.
They're good, too (check out the sample download)

Coming Soon - Plimmerton Millenium Celebration website
Mark it on you calender for 31/12/99 and 1/1/00!



This list includes EVERY New Zealand fire link we've been able to fish up...
email us if you've got one we missed!

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