Our Firefighters

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The Gang, 1998
("Community Cadets" in front row)

Name Special Responsibilities Rank Occupation Song we think they'd most like to listen to travelling to fire calls...
Brian Casey   FF Banker "He Ain't Heavy (He's My Brother)"
Carl Mills   FF Train Controller Theme from
"Thomas the Tank Engine"
Chris Dalton   SFF Customer Services Representative "Great Balls of Fire"
Jerry Lee Lewis
Dave Anderson Fire Officer, medical co-responder FO Interior Decorator "Putting Out The Fire With Gasoline"
Billy Idol
Dwayne Hood   FF Diesel Mechanic "Flick, The Little Fire Engine"
George Hagland   SFF Motellier "Smokey & The Bandit"
Kris Kristoferson
Gordon Tovey   FF Student Theme from
"The Teletubbies"
Greg Norris   FF Police Counsellor Theme from
"The Invisible Man"
Ian Milton Brigade Secretary SFF House Husband "Burn Baby Burn (Disco Inferno)"
Ian Scott Fire Officer FO Ambulance Communications Operator "Paint It Black"
The Rolling Stones
John Johnston Cadet Trainer SFF Hardware store manager "Wish You Were Here"
Pink Floyd
Kirk Solomon Fire Officer FO Restaurant Manager "Here Comes my Hero"
Mike Smith District Chief Fire Officer, medical co-responder CFO Computer Systems Engineer Theme from
"633 Squadron"
Paul Casey   FF Electrician "Man In The Mirror"
Michael Jackson (no, the other one...)
Paul Curd   FF

(& aspiring policeman)

"Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"
Paul Ogilvie   SFF Electrician
(& aspiring policeman)
Theme from
"Police Academy"
Paul Waite   FF Electrician "Burning Down The House"
Talking Heads
Phil Holmes Cadet Trainer, medical co-responder SFF Saw Mill Owner / Manager "Old Man River"
Paul Robeson
Russell Postlewaight Deputy Chief Fire Officer , medical co-responder DCFO U.N. Fire Officer, Businessman "New York, New York" or "I did it My Way" Frank Sinatra
Steve Newland Treasurer & Social Committee manager FF Builder "Money to Burn"
Toby Griffith-Jones Medical co-responder FF Student Mechanic Theme from
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang"
Tony Sutorius Community Relations Co-ordinator, OSH rep, Civil Defence rep, cadet trainer, medical co-responder, website editor SFF Documentary Film Maker "Burn Mother&#$%er Burn"
The Bloodhound Gang


The Gang, 1996
(Plimmerton 351 in background)


The Gang, 1934
(with 351's granddad, a hand-drawn cart with bucket pumps)


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